The Benefits of using a Slow Cooker

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This is not an ad. It’s a word of advice from one busy mom to you – whoever you may be. If you have an unused slow cooker at home you might consider giving it a chance.  

I’m not a medical expert or a nutritionist, but I’m a very busy person who likes to serve healthy meals to my family. I’ve learned that cooking foods longer and on low temperatures helps meat and vegetables retain nutrients and flavour.  Also, I don’t always have the time or energy to spend on cooking.  Hence, I turn to my slow cooker occasionally – especially in those cold winter months when we crave hot soups and stews.

Our first slow cooker was a gift from a family friend.  We didn’t have kids at the time and I didn’t once consider using it.  I had all the time in the world and I didn’t mind spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals.  However, as years passed and we became busy with our growing family, I turned to my slow cooker.  Here are some reasons I find using this appliance very helpful: 

I like to try new recipes and I’m not afraid to experiment a little.

I can cook anything in my slow cooker. Really: Apple crisp, Roasted Lamb, Cornbread, Stuffed Green Peppers, Cabbage Rolls, Chili – you name it. I bet I can find a slow cooker recipe for anything that I’ve ever wanted to eat.  

I like my food rich in flavour and packed with nutrients. 

As I mentioned earlier, cooking on low heat allows the food to maintain its nutrients.  Slow cooking also preserves the freshness and flavors of meals.  In addition, if I follow all the preparation instructions, my food won’t overcook or burn.

I enjoy eating healthy even though I’m running on a busy schedule.

Slow cookers are time savers.  If I’m running on a busy schedule, I’ll put all my ingredients in one pot (my slow cooker) in the morning and come home to a hot, healthy and ready-to-eat dinner in the evening.  Yes, you still have to wash and cut your vegetables if you like to cook them fresh.  However, if you prefer to shop in the frozen foods sections, you can skip the washing and dicing part. (Most of your frozen vegetables are pre-washed and diced.)

I enjoy cooking, but I hate washing the dishes. 

There. I’ve said it and it’s in writing, too. Since I prepare most of our meals from scratch, making a mess in the kitchen is almost inevitable.  When I use a slow cooker at least I don’t have to worry about facing a mountain of dirty pots and pans after cooking.  If I slow cook my food, I usually end up washing my slow cooker, one additional pot and a couple of prep utensils. I can live with that!

Hot stew isn’t only for cold winter months. Below is a video recipe for one of our versions of Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetables stew.

Written by Vedrana Vodopivec

August, 2021