I’ve been writing poetry since I was 10 years old. I find inspiration everywhere: love, family, nature, books, people, events, etc. My children inspire me so much and I often write poems about them. In 2020 I published a collection of children’s poetry “Kad bi zvijezde govorile” (Serbian edition) which is now available for sale on my website, Amazon.ca and various locations in Toronto. 

When Words Become Sounds

In March of 2021, a young and talented composer from NYC, Margin Alexander, contacted me and offered to feature one of my poems at one of his virtual performances. Inspired by my poem, On Friendship, Margin composed a beautiful musical piece.

Vedrana VodopivecOn Tolerance
Vedrana VodopivecO Mladosti
Vedrana VodopivecI dječaci se zaljubljuju
Vedrana VodopivecSrce ne zove telefonom
Vedrana VodopivecVelika mala djevojčica
Vedrana VodopivecLija i zeko
Vedrana VodopivecTatina maza
Vedrana VodopivecJesenji Izlet