Literature Circle and Character Description Activity for Young Readers



Purpose: assess the level of understanding, improve vocabulary and spelling

1. Sit down in a literature circle

2. Adult: read aloud a passage that describes a character


3. Check for understanding using the following questions:

a) What’s the name of the character described in this passage?

b) What words does the author use to describe the character?

c) Is this a detailed description? Explain.


4. Older children (ie: age 8-10) :

a) make a list of all the adjectives describing the character

b) write 5 or more of your own words describing the character (think: synonyms);

c) write 5 words that have the opposite meaning (think: antonyms)

*Use Thesaurus for this activity to expand your vocabulary.

5. Younger participants (ie: age 4-6 years):

a) draw a picture of the character described in the passage

b) How accurately does the picture represent information in the text?

c) Write the names of the characters or write the first letter of each name (ie: H is for horse)

d) Add as many details to your drawing as you can (extended activity)


a) Review the adjectives and check spelling

b) List and define new words

*Remember to read from the age appropriate texts. If you select a book that’s too hard to understand, your young reader will lose interest.