Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K. Rowling - Book Review

Reviewed by Sofija (age 10)

I chose to read this book because it is very popular and my friends highly recommend it. The book is about a boy named Harry Potter who goes to a wizarding school called Hogwarts. Harry is the main character and most of the story takes place in Hogwarts.

Harry Potter is my favorite character because I love how he can do magic whenever he wants to. He reminds me of a character named Percy that I’ve read about in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Both Harry and Percy deal with supernatural powers. My least favourite character is Draco Malfoy because he thinks he has to follow in his father’s footsteps and constantly bully others.

The story has a surprise ending. Harry and his friends think that Professor Snape is the one who commits all the crimes in the story. Later we learn that it is Professor Quirrell.

One of the themes J.K Rowling writes about in this book is death. Death is described as unbeatable and something that awaits us all. For example, one of the characters, Lord Voldemort, is concerned about death and spends a lot of his time trying to figure out how to conquer it. Lord Voldemort is later killed by Harry Potter, in the seventh book. Professor Quirrell is another character who tries to save himself from death. Just like Lord Voldemort, he is unsuccessful, and dies.

I recommend this book for all ages, and just like my friends, I give it a five star rating.

Sofija's Rating