Christmas Tree Decorating – Why do you do it?

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Decorating a Christmas tree is a tradition and an activity that my family enjoys participating in, but that’s not the only reason why we do it. (Taking it down is a different story. Sometimes, as late as February, when everyone is tired of “looking at” our beautifully decorated tree, my husband or I undertake the monotonous task of taking it down.) Every evening, when we go for our routine walk, we admire all the wonderfully decorated Christmas trees in our neighbourhood. People proudly display them in their front windows for everyone to see. Some people go for the new look every year and others don’t. 

Our tree looks almost the same every year, but that’s because we like to add to our decoration collection. Our tree is a display of memories. That’s what it is. A memory could be anything that marked the year (No, we won’t hang our face masks this year, thank you.); or something hand-crafted by the kids; or, simply, an ornament that we’ve received from a dear friend. Every year there is some new memory that we want to preserve and add to our already existing collection of ornaments. That’s why we get so excited about decorating our Christmas tree. 

This year, because we have a curious little runner and climber in the family, we’ve decided to decorate our tree with wooden ornaments.  Those, we figured, would be really hard to break. I searched on Amazon and found this wonderful (very affordable) collection of unfinished ornaments. They are lightweight and made of natural wood. Exactly what I wanted! I also ordered some oil based and acrylic markers with glitter. Oh, how the kids enjoyed colouring our new ornaments. They spent days working hard on the project and demonstrating their creativity.

I’m always looking for a new way to get the kids engaged in some kind of creative work. When we were kids, we used to make our ornaments out of paper. If that’s something that sounds interesting to you, check out Youtube videos on making origami ornaments.

Have fun creating and decorating!

Written by Vedrana Vodopivec
December, 2020